[LinuxBIOS] In-Circuit FLASH Programmer and Logic Analyzer

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Sun Apr 1 00:33:10 CEST 2007

> On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 09:45:25PM +0400, Anton wrote:
>>> > > Do you have equipment to analyze the signals to the flash chip?
>>> > > Ideally a logic analyzer, but a 20MHz scope can work too.
>> > 
>> > That's ideally. In reality, several things are absent.
> A scope is easier to come by though. I have one, but I don't have a
> board with SPI flash.

That's why I'm doing the low cost In-Circuit FLASH Programmer and Logic 
Analyzer. Programming SPI Flash in circuit will be no problem. Just 
attach an adapter and program away.

Analyzing the the SPI bus will be the same. The only tricky part is 
having to snip or lift the CE# on a soldered down (vs socketed) FLASH 
device, to allow for FLASH emulation. Socketed Flash devices will be 
pulled and be replaced with an adapter that is pressed into the socket.

The Xilinx Spartan -3e dev. boards are in. I'll post all the programming 
info up in the next few weeks. Someone has already done a multichannel 
Logic Analyzer design and written a JAVA Client for viewing data that 
should just about drop into the board.


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