[LinuxBIOS] Ck804 PCI-E External Plugin Causes Failure

steve yannalfo fourstar10_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 19:03:11 CEST 2006

Yes, I tried that....
With Config.lb 4:09 off
I get:
PCI: Scanning Bus 2
PCI: Found 2 Sub Busses
PCI: 02: 133MHz PCI-X sstatus=60c3 rev=11
PCI: Scanning Bus 3
PCI: 03:01.0 [1002/4c66] enabled
PCI: Found 3 Sub Busses
PCI: 03: Conventional PCI sstatus=6003 rev=11
PCI: Found 3 Sub Busses
PCI: 04:00.0 [10de/005e] enabled
PCI: 04:00.0 [10de/005e] enabled next_unitid: 000f
PCI: Scanning Bus 4
PCI: 04:00.0 [10de/005e] enabled
PCI: 04:01.0 [10de/0051] enabled
PCI: 04:01.1 [10de/0052] enabled
PCI: 04:02.0 [10de/005a] enabled
PCI: 04:02.1 [10de/005b] enabled
PCI: 04:04.0 [10de/0059] enabled
PCI: 04:04.1 [10de/0058] enabled
PCI: 04:06.0 [10de/0053] enabled
PCI: 04:07.0 [10de/0054] enabled
PCI: 04:08.0 [10de/0055] enabled
PCI: 04:09.0 [10de/005c] disabled
PCI: 04:0a.0 [10de/0057] enabled
PCI: 04:0b.0 [10de/005d] enabled
PCI: 04:0c.0 [10de/005d] enabled
PCI: 04:0d.0 [10de/005d] enabled
PCI: 04:0e.0 [10de/005d] enabled

device pci e.0    on    end                # PCI-E 0 Bridge Ctl.


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