[LinuxBIOS] stuff to bring

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org
Thu Sep 28 13:22:20 CEST 2006

* mostly working EPIA-MII with 6-26v 60w atx picoPSU
* a spare samsung 256mb ddr ram
* ide2cf
* pcmcia2cf
* cf cards
* soekris net4801
* soekris net4826
* prism2/atheros minipci/pci/pcmcia abg/bg/b wifi cards
* pci 1394a without rom
* old agp/pci vga cards with rom
* pci aha-2940au scsi with rom
* 8x100 ethernet switch, some 10m cables, parts for making cables
* usb2serial
* sata/ata/usb/1394/nullmodem cables
* usb flash drive if I can find one
* some plcc 512k am29lf040b and one 256k sst39sf020a
* plcc remover tool
* miniature screwdrivers (aka diy plcc remover tool)
* usb2sata 3.5" case
* usb fdd
* usb hub(s)
* ac-12v 1.5a psu
* ac-12v 2.5a psu
* ac-3/5/9/12v 2.5a psu
* ac-power-over-ethernet injector
* a dumb euro power strip or two
* a 5m extension cord or two
* cd-r/dvd-r media
* flashlight
* 10" gray vga crt
* ps/2 .se keyboard

>  - usb debug device

Will be interesting.

Does someone have a working development platform for high-speed
USB devices that they can bring if we want to make our own debug
device? I'm looking around, Cypress SX2 or Philips (now NXP) ISP1505
looks good, but I wont have a working setup by next week. I'll bring
some microcontrollers if there's anything to control.

>  - (multimeter+soldering iron)

Good idea. If I take the micros I'll bring the soldering kit too.

> plus other stuff that might be required..?

I can bring a 15" 1280x1024 TFT and an analog 40MHz oscilloscope
(just one slightly sad probe; BYO probes) too if there's need.


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