[LinuxBIOS] Using GRUB as a payload

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sun Sep 24 18:54:49 CEST 2006

* Al Boldi <a1426z at gawab.com> [060924 06:46]:
> I was thinking more like loading another bootloader.  This way, there is no 
> need to fuss around with user-interface, image-type, or fs-level access, but 
> instead just load a no-frills MBR.
why would you want to "load an mbr" if you can easily read files from
all kinds of existing filesystems as well? This is opensource. If a new
filesystem comes into existance, you can boot from it.

> Thanks for the pointer, but it looks like the sourceforge cvs is dead, and 
> ADLO seems to be some sort of a 16bit BIOS compatibility layer, when all 
> that is needed is a simple MBR chainloader.
No, "a simple MBR chainloader" is not all that is needed. The code that
you will find in an MBR will do bios callbacks, and you need to answer
those, or you will jump to nirvana. 

What is your requirement? Loading Windows? 


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