[LinuxBIOS] new guy in LinuxBios

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Wed Sep 20 17:29:03 CEST 2006

* crepin christophe <christophecrepin at yahoo.fr> [060915 10:43]:
>  1. I search a documentation that explain the structure of the file config.ld
>     presents in the directory of my main board because I don’t understand how I
>     must define the link PCI for the Northbridge and the Southbridge.
an old document that describes part of it is here:
(If someone has time left, please go ahead and enhance and update the

>  2. I want to know if linuxbios support the Intel IONA processor or if it’s
>     equivalent at Intel XEON processor for the APIC management.

ouch. The i-word. At the current point in time it has been hard to
impossible for some people here to get the information required to get 
Intel systems to work properly with LinuxBIOS. Note: AMD, VIA, and some
older Intel chips work fine.

Intel folks on this list: Is there any chance to get the required
information for LinuxBIOS? We have so many people asking and we keep
repeating the same story. 

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