[LinuxBIOS] MSI ms9282 with etherboot restart again and again

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Mon Sep 18 18:41:25 CEST 2006

Can you try 

1.	use latest kernel  (2.6.18?)+ suse 9.3 (64bit) rescue initrd 
2.	use mkelf to build elf and put elf in your HD.


I'm just back to office, Please let me ping NV again about MCP55.




Yinghai Lu



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Subject: MSI ms9282 with etherboot restart again and again


Dear  Dr. Lu,

I tried to boot kernel on ide hdd with etherboot ,  but after it shown
"Jumping to entry point " , it restart again and again. (the log is
below) ? what maybe  the problem?

And is there any good news for Nvidia mcp55?





Etherboot 5.4.2 (GPL) http://etherboot.org

Drivers: TG3 FILO   Images: NBI ELF

Protocols: DHCP TFTP

Relocating _text from: [000100e0,000682d0) to [3fea7e10,3ff00000)

Boot from (N)etwork (D)isk or (Q)uit?


Probing pci nic...

Probing isa nic...

Probing pci disk...

[FILO]FILO version 0.4.1 (root at suse101) Mon Sep 18 18:52:42 CST 2006

Press <Enter> for default boot, or <Esc> for boot prompt... timed out

boot: hda1:/vmlinuz-2.4.20-6smp initrd=/initrd-2.4.20-6smp.img ro
root=/dev/hda2 console=tty0 console=ttyS0,10


Mounted ext2fs

Found Linux version 2.4.20-6smp (bhcompile at sylvester.devel.redhat.com)
#1 SMP Thu Feb 27 09:36:38 EST 2003 bz.

Loading kernel... ok

Loading initrd... ok

Jumping to entry point...


INIT detected from  ---- {APICID = 00 NODEID = 00 COREID = 00} ---


Issuing SOFT_RESET...


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