[LinuxBIOS] v3(?) config [was:changes in decompress coming.]

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org
Sun Sep 17 02:37:13 CEST 2006

On Sat, Sep 16, 2006 at 06:08:10PM -0600, ron minnich wrote:
> Peter, these are all good thoughts, and I am really glad you are
> coming. Keep thinking.


It's going to be a couple of interesting days for sure!

> >* Global vs. local builds - pros/cons with kernel style (global)
> >build (always produces arch/x/*Image) and LBv2 style build
> >(produces target/x/y/z/linuxbios.rom for each target) Either way
> >the config/build system must be consistently either global or
> >local.
> I want to preserve this somehow. I want a place I build stuff and a
> place that sources live, a la BSD. I think the way Linux builds
> kernels into the middle of the source tree is a real mess.

Fair enough. But does the build directory have to be per-target or
would you be OK with fixing the build directory to e.g. build/ right
next to src/ ?

What I like about the Linux build is that there's only ever one dir
that you "make" in, and when make is done it always produces

The current structure could be simple too, if the buildtarget step
could be skipped, and there was no need for via/epia-m/epia-m but
only via/epia-m, and that's where you go to make config && make to
get a linuxbios.rom.

> * Support for target variants? Same mobo with/without certain parts
> >populated. Perhaps just sets of default options that can be
> >pre-selected as a base config and then still allow user to change
> >whatever they want. (Kconfig has just one variant per arch,
> >right?)
> yes, kconfig has real limits, and we need to see if we can work our
> way around them.

Or maybe we'll extend it?


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