[LinuxBIOS] (fwd) Re: USB bootloader

Al Boldi a1426z at gawab.com
Wed Sep 13 22:03:57 CEST 2006

yhlu wrote:
> 1. with LinuxBIOS, It works with one Tyan Intel based MB (UHCI) and
> some other Opteron base MBs.

Great!  So maybe the delayed USB boot is hw related, but why?

> 2. maybe Etherboot heap used by FILO USB packet buffer overwirte the
> APM info in RAM.

This happens even with FILO IDE.

Etherboot PXE works OK.

> you need to find out where is APM info is.

How can I find out?

> 3. Bootblock on flash? You could boot elf on flash. mem at 0xfff8000

Bootblock on IDE/USB.  Why is it not possible to boot the the 512byte BBS?



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