[LinuxBIOS] Planet LinuxBIOS?

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Wed Sep 13 18:55:59 CEST 2006


just a quick question - does any one of you blog somewhat regularly,
especially about LinuxBIOS? I do sometimes, and intend to do so more
often in future. If there are a few people out there, it would be nice
to set up a "Planet" which aggregates all LinuxBIOS-related blog posts
of LB developers/users in one place, similar to other planets, e.g.

* Planet Debian: http://planet.debian.org/
* Planet Apache: http://www.planetapache.org/
* Planet GNOME: http://planet.gnome.org/
etc. etc.

These places tend to draw quite some attention after a while, as they
provide a single place where lots of news/content about a certain
project ot topic can easily be found.

I think such a Planet would be a nice way to increase the exposure to
the public and make LinuxBIOS more well-known in the (Internet) world.
Couple that with a short announcement on Slashdot and you're set for a
few weeks in terms of publicity :)

As for software, there are several possibilities to set it up, e.g.
 * "Planet Planet" (http://www.planetplanet.org/)
 * Some CMSs which support that (e.g. http://www.drupal.org)
 * maybe there's even a Wikimedia plugin for this(?)


Uwe Hermann 
http://www.it-services-uh.de  | http://www.crazy-hacks.org 
http://www.holsham-traders.de | http://www.unmaintained-free-software.org
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