[LinuxBIOS] epia memory issues

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sun Sep 10 00:56:07 CEST 2006

* Ben Hewson <ben at hewson-venieri.com> [060909 12:16]:
> I will need to go back over the changes I have made and see if it is any
> one thing that has made it work.

Take into regard that you might not find the reason why it works in the

> The memory check passes up until A0000. I am assuming as this is
> resrvered for the VGA controller it is to be expected.
The failure in the VGA areas are pretty normal. I wonder what the best
way is to fix these. Add the area as reserved to the e820 table? I saw
the errors in that area on _every_ board so far so it supposedly needs

> Unexpected Exception: 13 @ 10:00008891 -
> Halting                               
> Code: 0 eflags:
> 00010006                                                       
> eax: 00000300 ebx: f0000800 ecx: 0000da00 edx:
> 0000000a                        
> edi: 0000da00 esi: 0000000f ebp: 00017ee0 esp: 00017ebc
> Perhaps someone could explain this to me.
do you have vga emulation enabled?


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