[LinuxBIOS] RE : Re: VGA bios and i/o access for powerpc

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Wed Sep 6 20:49:15 CEST 2006

jf simon wrote:
> Ronald G Minnich wrote:
>> jean-francois simon wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Maybe there is a way to do without the emulation layer altogether:
>>> Since in our case we use PCI graphics, I can record all the PCI 
>>> cycles made by the VGA BIOS to the graphic card on a BIOS based 
>>> system (using a PCI analyser), put them into a listing, run a perl 
>>> script on it and include them in the firmware of the non BIOS 
>>> system....an redo the process whenever we need to use a different 
>>> graphic which doesn't happen very often 
>> we've had poor luck with that approach. Plus, even in graphics card of 
>> same model, memory programming can change quite a bit between cards. I 
>> am not sure this will work.
>> ron
> Thanks. I'll give it a quick try. If it works I'll let you know.
> -jfs

keep in mind that, if it works on one *instance* of a card from vendor 
X, it may fail on the same model card from vendor X, purchased on the 
same day, from the same store, on the same shelf.

PC hardware is wonderful.


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