[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBIOS on Laptops.

Rogelio Serrano rogelio.serrano at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 04:59:49 CEST 2006

On 9/3/06, Kevin Purcell <kevinpurcell at pobox.com> wrote:
> (not a troll)
> What would be the selling point to the laptop maker of using LinuxBIOS?
> Why would they want LinuxBIOS rather than buying (and modifying) a
> solution from a commercial BIOS company and their CPU/chipset(s)
> suppliers?

many things that go beyond the bios. you cant make an argument with
the bios alone. you have to show what an open bios would bring and
actually link that to higher sales. for example if it allows
ubiquitous computing where you would rather use your laptop instead of
pen and paper then that would be convincing. instant accessibility is
a very big thing now. imagine getting a phone call and your super
compact laptop is off. you turn it on then wait for it to bootup. then
you login and wait a little more. then you look for that text editor.
then when you find it you double click on it. then you start typing
notes on it then you need to look at contacts then you need to lookup
your to do list. you would rather have a common low cost paper based
organizer. now if your pc can bootup in 3 seconds that changes a whole
lot of things. with software suspend you can have almost instant
access to your apps. you can leave your whole office suite "running"
all the time without killing your batteries. or burning your lap. now
thats a convincing argument.

the thing i like with my linux pc is that i can sum up my complaints in 5 items

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