[LinuxBIOS] Enabling USB 2.0

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Fri Sep 1 18:27:13 CEST 2006

You can not boot from sata on ck804, the reason is that the sata
controller can not work on compatible mode. If you real want to boot
from SATA

1.	you need to porting driver from kernel to FILO_IN_ETHERBOOT to
make use simple scsi interface to access the sata disk.
2.	or easy way is boot one tiny kernel ( with ck804 sata support
and kexec support) from IDE(FILO, Etherboot), USB(FILO_IN_ETHERBOOT),
Network(Etherboot) and use kexec tools to boot the kernel on your SATA


Current USB IRQ setting in LinuxBIOS should be good enough to make use
device working. Please make sure setting on mptable.c is right. Also you
may need to set apic for kernel to enable io-apic to be used.





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Thanks. I plan to boot from SATA and not from USB.  Do any other boards
supported by LinuxBIOS (whose source is available in the source tree)
bringup USB that I could use as a reference?

On 9/1/06, Jonathan Sturges <jsturges at speakeasy.net> wrote: 

Anil B G wrote:

> Hi,
>   I am trying to enable USB on a board similar to Tyan s2892 (CK804) 
> chipset?
> Is there anything that else that needs to be done separately other
> than setting the irqs et al correctly? Specifically do we need to
> write some sort of a driver to enable the USB host controller. 
> Thanks
> Anil

Assuming you don't hope to boot from USB, all you really should need is
to setup the IRQ map, AFAIK.  Then the Linux kernel will detect it and
be able to attach the appropriate driver. 



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