[LinuxBIOS] r2477 build service

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 19:49:38 CEST 2006

> > list?  That could be the first step for getting it approved.
> > That way you know its abuild clean before you review it.
> Are you suggesting a development and a stable tree?


> Is this better than running abuild locally? (besides potential tool
> chain issues)

Because on my laptop (which I do a lot of work on) it takes over an
hour to run abuild.  I suspect a lot of people don't run abuild localy
since it takes so long to run.

But you have abuild on a fast machine that I can send my patch to and
in 5 minutes or so I get an aswer then (the developer) seems more apt
to try and check it before you check in breakage.
Also the reviewer could send the patch at the start of the review
process and by the time he is done reviewing have an answer if its
abuild clean or not.

You reviewed this patch and yet it still broke lots of the tree.  So
It seems the author did not run abuild prior to sending the patch.

I propose something similar to what buildrom does.  Pull a copy, apply
patchs, and build but just send the results back to the sender then
discard the tree.

This also let you send up a cross-compile enviroment for testing the
non-x86 boards.

Part of the patch submission requirement would then be to have it
abuild tested.  If the script succeeds then it could issue a
Abuild-clean: <date> or something like that which the submitter would
include in the patch.

Then at least you know its passed abuild before you commit.

Richard A. Smith

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