[LinuxBIOS] 答复: MSI ms9185 linuxbios support

bxshi bxshi at msik.com.cn
Fri Oct 27 07:45:23 CEST 2006

 >* What is the status of the code? Is the mainboard fully supported
 >  (with all devices etc), or is this work in progress?

   As I test ,except SATA2 ports has some problems, all work well.

> * Who owns the copyright to the code? You personally, or MSI?
	MSIK is a part of MSI which locate at Shanghai of China, so the
copyright is MSI 

>   Please add the usual GPL header to all files, see here
>   http://www.linuxbios.org/Development_Guidelines#Common_License_Header
>   for an example.
>   For existing files which you copied and modified the orginal authors
>   and license must also remain in the file, of course.

    Should I add the header and send the patch again ?

>Are the changes to these two files generic, i.e. will they work for all
>other mainboards LinuxBIOS supports, too? Or are they specific to
>this board?
   Need check by yinghai Lu and Ollie .

>If I read this correctly you mark all files executable, which they
>probably should not be. I think these lines can be safely removed
>from the patch.


>I would make this read
>  CHIP_NAME("MSI MS-9185 mainboard")
>if my patch from
>get committed.

 Do it freely. It is OK.



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