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ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 07:48:03 CEST 2006

Some of the mixups in those pictures are embarassing! oh well, bear with me,
I will clean them up this weekend and export a new set. And, I'll try to add
some captions ... and yes, the ones in the middle (# 48 or so) are not
Hamburg, they are from Spain .... oops. If you can, play the .avi files at
the end. That model railroad in Hamburg is just amazing.

note how we camped out in the luxurious Baseler Hof hotel each evening after
dinner until about 2 am, leather chairs, cat 5 cable, big fancy painting,
beer, nice oak table (you can almost see it under all our geek toys),
soldering irons, Toblerone, wireless gateway (to avoid the 18 Euro charge
for wireless!), laptops .... at 130 am the last day we were there the night
manager yelled at us about it -- said we should have rented a meeting room.
Oh well, we were leaving at that point ...

But, the Baseler Hof is really a nice hotel. And, the meeting rooms in the
old warehouse district were perfect, as were the lunches. Yes, the last
lunch really included candle-lit tables. Stefan did a great job.

And, that pay phone -- yes, it is a crashed BIOS. We have to have at least
one Factory BIOS Failure picture in every LinuxBIOS meeting ... we just
stumbled across that crashed phone on a walk.


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