[LinuxBIOS] Robson for LinuxBIOS

Jun OKAJIMA okajima at digitalinfra.co.jp
Thu Oct 26 19:04:24 CEST 2006

Hello Mr. Stefan Reinauer.

I am not sure about inside of Robson, but from this article.
Sorry, Japanese only. But this is a report of IDF, so you can get same
info from English pages.

  1. Robson is implemented by Vista's device driver.
     It is just a virtual disk, like MTD of linux.
  2. Robson is basically not supported by except Vista.
  3. H/W implementation of Robson is not fixed, but
     mainly it is offered as MiniCard in the early stage.
  4. The MiniCard is attached to PCI express bus.

1 and 2 suggest that Robson Flash ROM has given same formant,
which Vista's device driver can recognize.

Then, these issues come.

  1. Robson flash format has partiion talbe to add linuxbios payload area?
  2. If not, can we change the format?

              --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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