[LinuxBIOS] Support for Abit AV8? Suggestion for AM2 board?

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Wed Oct 25 18:34:41 CEST 2006

Tom Sylla wrote:
> rsmith and I had been discussing that the past couple of weeks. I plan
> to just make one, and see how much it costs. The PLCC plug-in
> doohickey is always the problem, the cheapest I can find is 30USD (qty
> one, small discounts for more). My plan is minimum 8Mb, using a CPLD

After some digging I found a much cheaper source.
Segor electronics ( http://www.segor.de/ ) sells single PLCC32 plug-ins
for 14.00 Euro (including 16% german sales tax). Quantities above 10
cost 11.20 Euro per part. If you're ordering from the US, you can
get a tax refund (or maybe the tax won't even be applied in the first
http://www.segor.de/bilder/000066d5.jpg has an image.
Ordering information (where to find it in their catalogue):
Hauptgruppe: Steckverbinder/Fassungen
Obergruppe: Converter und Programmieradapter
Warengruppe: PLCC-Stecker
Artikelbezeichnung: PLCC32-Steck

> The big hazard to this is that SPI is going to take off as the boot
> source soon (it is in most modern southbridges already). Talking SPI
> is not a problem, but the ROMs are all going to be soldered down, so
> running in emulator mode takes on a whole new level of pain. This
> project is doomed to quick obselence.

Wait a second. You mean socketed flash chips won't be present on
future mainboards? Are there no socketed SPI chips or will the
ROM storage itself be integrated into the south bridge?

> When done, I would open the design fully, so anyone could build one,
> or modify it to their heart's content.
> Please reply to me how many of these things you would buy for $50. $75?

Given that I'm a university student with limited budget, I'd appreciate
a target price of $30-40. Of course this may be totally infeasible
depending on how expensive the parts are.


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