[LinuxBIOS] Robson for LinuxBIOS

Jun OKAJIMA okajima at digitalinfra.co.jp
Mon Oct 23 10:52:05 CEST 2006

I suppose that anybody here would know the name of Robson,
Intel's HDD cache on flash mem. But, somebody dont know
the detail of it?

I have an interest in the spec about logical format of the flash mems.
I mean, they would have parition table and something like FAT table or 
and what is the format?

Why I want to know it? Because, I guess we can use the flash for putting
Linux BIOS there. And it is better that Linux BIOS partition can co-exist
Robson cache partition. This is the reason I am curious about the logical 

If this is possible, we will not have to worry about the space shortage
issue ( 256KB is small for linux bios) anymore. And it is also easy
to "multi-boot" both normal BIOS and Linux BIOS, like ADLO.

               --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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