[LinuxBIOS] commit rules

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Oct 21 00:37:40 CEST 2006

Dear LinuxBIOS committers,

I activated a set of commit rules on the svn repository:

  - commits require a Signed-Off-By: tag now.

    Commits without Signed-Off-By: are no longer possible. 
    The format is:

Signed-Off-By: Name <email at address>

    You are not supposed to put your name in there except
    you explained on the mailing list beforehand why you are
    going to do so. 

    Note: If this is abused we will start checking the supplied
    email addresses (and possibly mails to the mailinglist ;-)

    The goal is to get all of us to have your code reviewed properly.

  - empty commit messages are not accepted anymore

    any commit with an empty commit message or a commit message
    consisting of Signed-Off-By: only are blocked. 

    ----- ;-) -----
    I think about adding some metric for defining change log quality
    (ie. minimum of 2 lines description per kilobyte of patch committed)
    but I will let this idea settle until the next set of really bad 
    commit messages comes up.
    ----- ;-) -----



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