[LinuxBIOS] sunw ultra40

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri Oct 13 23:09:38 CEST 2006

ok, are the workings of this function a Deep Secret or can we add comments?

static void sio_setup(void)

         unsigned value;
         uint32_t dword;
         uint8_t byte;

         pci_write_config32(PCI_DEV(0, CK804_DEVN_BASE+1, 0), 0xac, 

         byte = pci_read_config32(PCI_DEV(0, CK804_DEVN_BASE+1 , 0), 0x7b);
         byte |= 0x20;
         pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(0, CK804_DEVN_BASE+1 , 0), 0x7b, byte);

         dword = pci_read_config32(PCI_DEV(0, CK804_DEVN_BASE+1 , 0), 0xa0);
         dword |= (1<<29)|(1<<0);
         pci_write_config32(PCI_DEV(0, CK804_DEVN_BASE+1 , 0), 0xa0, dword);

#if  1
         lpc47b397_enable_serial(SUPERIO_GPIO_DEV, SUPERIO_GPIO_IO_BASE);

         value =  lpc47b397_gpio_offset_in(SUPERIO_GPIO_IO_BASE, 0x77);
         value &= 0xbf;
         lpc47b397_gpio_offset_out(SUPERIO_GPIO_IO_BASE, 0x77, value);


Also, in this function, this happens:
         lpc47b397_enable_serial(SUPERIO_GPIO_DEV, SUPERIO_GPIO_IO_BASE);

but in the real main this happens:
	lpc47b397_enable_serial(SERIAL_DEV, TTYS0_BASE);

So the sio_setup, to me, looks bogus. Why would enable_serial use the 
GPIO dev and BASE?

What's up here?


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