[LinuxBIOS] asus A8N-VM CSM

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Oct 13 20:24:55 CEST 2006

* Ward Vandewege <ward at gnu.org> [061013 20:05]:
> I've read both the original flash image and the bios-savior one. Reading is
> *very* fast, not more than 2 seconds for the 512KB image.
That sounds fine.

> I've also tried burning the original image (read via flashrom) to the bios
> savior, but that failed:

> # ./flashrom -v -w orig.img
> Calibrating delay loop... ok
> No LinuxBIOS table found.
> Enabling flash write on NVidia MCP51...OK
> Pm49FL004 found at physical address: 0xfff80000
> Flash part is Pm49FL004 (512 KB)
> Flash image seems to be a legacy BIOS. Disabling checks.
> Programming Page: 0007 at address: 0x00070000
> Verifying flash - FAILED
can you do a -Vv to find out where it fails? And try writing several
times, then verifying to see if that helps...

Can you also try and check whether there's something else then 0xff in
the addresses that failed?

> Writing was *very* slow - it took wel over a minute before it was done.
This is ugly, but probably not unusually slow.  :(

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