[LinuxBIOS] asus A8N-VM CSM

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Thu Oct 12 23:43:08 CEST 2006


On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 03:18:23PM -0400, Ward Vandewege wrote:
> The SuperIO chip is - according to the URL pasted above - an Nvidia nforce
> 430MCP. The actual chip on the mainboard reads:
>   Nvidia
>   P5080239 0534A2
>   MCP51-N-A2
>   GH 9940.1

I couldn't find a datasheet after a quick search,but maybe I missed it.
Does anybody have the datasheet?

> The bios rom is an SST 49LF0048.

I think this is a 49LF004B (notice 8 vs. B). Can you confirm that?

> Trying SST49LF004A/B, 512 KB
> probe_jedec: id1 0xff, id2 0xff

This should have worked and returned id1 0xbf, id2 0x60.

Thechip ID is the same as the one of the SST 49LF004A (which is
supported by flashrom). According to the datasheet they should also
be otherwise compatible.

I guess there's some motherboard-specific fixup required before flashrom
will work. You can use Uniflash or another board which is known to work
for flashing in the mean time, I guess...

HTH, Uwe.
Uwe Hermann 
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