[LinuxBIOS] bad value in HT UnitID Registers

Roman Kononov kononov195-lbl at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 23:18:06 CEST 2006

On 10/10/2006 03:34 PM, Lu, Yinghai wrote:
 > 0x00000ff0,
 > 0x00000200,  // for amd8131 and it will be bus 0x80 (with your device)
 > or 0x40 (without your HT device)
 > 0x00000100,  // for your HT deive on socket 1 it will be bus 0x40

This is tricky. Thank you.
I still do not understand the point of "default HT_CHAIN_UNITID_BASE=0".

On 10/10/2006 03:51 PM, Lu, Yinghai wrote:
 > Check more on s2891.., it already support DRC coprocessor.

I wish this were implemented in a more generic way which works in all N-way


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