[LinuxBIOS] New wiki index page.

David H. Barr dhbarr at gozelle.com
Tue Oct 10 19:40:18 CEST 2006

> > version I have been thinking about. It definately needs a bit more
> > work, but maybe you like it.
> It's great, but someone needs to complain, so....
> - The penguin in the "About" logo could be a bit bigger (just bleed/
>   crop it a bit if needed);
> - It took me a while to realise the thing in the "Developers" logo is
>   meant to be a keyboard;
> - The "101" and "?" logos aren't (properly) anti-aliased.
> Great job though :-)

I wholeheartedly concur; this is one of the better Wiki cover pages
I've ever seen.

Just to point out something trivial, I thought I'd point out that
Internet Explorer 6's broken .png implementation does not render those
front page images consistently; that is to say, some of those images
render with a black background and some with green.  It so happens
that the non-anti-aliased logos are the two that render green.

One possible workaround would be the following JavaScript, pasted into
an appropriate header somewhere:

I realize the bulk of this list probably uses a non-MS browser, and I
also recognize that .png rendering in IE7 (real soon now) should be
repaired.  In addition, I understand that a browser-specific patchup
is not necessarily a good thing as such.

However, it is my general feeling that the percentage of web surfers
which will continue to use IE6 significantly overlaps with that
portion which does so with JavaScript fully enabled.  The only
remaining question is whether enough of them will visit this
wonderfully informative and visually attractive front page to make
this workaround worthwhile.


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