[LinuxBIOS] FW: rev F support code

Devils-Hawk dev at stuffit.at
Wed Oct 4 17:34:27 CEST 2006

I am no expert myself but as far as i know, the license is all about
copyright. So because you( more spec. AMD ) is the copyright holder and
copyright law grants certain rights ( e.g. prohibiting copying,
modifying, etc ) only you can add the GPL notice, which does in fact
only state that you forever revoke some of the rights granted to you by
copyright law.
If somebody else does add the notice you, the copyright holder, still
has the right to sue for copyright infringement whenever it is
convenient, because you did not grant the right to modify the code in
the first place. The problem is, even if you state per mail that you
have no problem with somebody else adding the GPL notice, such an
written agreement is not enforecable in court in most of the countries
on this planet.
And another problem is that the "All rights Reserved" clause is as far
as i know not compatible with the GPL, because you cannot reserve all
rights at the same time you willingly give away some of them.
For more detailed information you should probably go to groklaw.net or
ask your in house lawyers. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html is a
pretty good source of information too.

Kind regards, DevH

> To my personal understanding, copyright is copyright, license is
> license.
> Every code in LinuxBIOS is under GPL.
> YH

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