[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Add includes to it8712f/superio.c

Philipp Degler pdegler at rumms.uni-mannheim.de
Wed Nov 29 16:35:05 CET 2006

Hi Ward,

> Hi Philipp,
> Out of curiosity, have you managed in-board flashing with flashrom?
well, yes and no => yes we used flashrom but up till now we only flashed the 
internal ROM of our BIOS Savior. Reading the original ROM image was possible 
too. But we did not really tested writing yet.

> We have a couple of A8N-VM CSM boards, and while reading data with flashrom
> works, writing doesn't yet.
May it be possible that write-access is turned on and off via a gpio register 
of your superio? We've already had that case here. In our case we could turn 
on and off write access via a config option in orig. BIOS. Dumping registers 
twice with and without write access enabled we were able to track down the 
right gpio register.


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