[LinuxBIOS] Recommendations on Fully Free Workstation hardware

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Nov 26 18:47:37 CET 2006

>>> I wonder about firmware status of CD/DVD Optical disk drives and
>>> sound cards.
>> Hard drives have firmware too.
>> I don't expect to see free firmware for any of these devices very
>> soon, but will be glad the day I'm proven wrong. :)
> Yeah, I _so_ hope you are or will be wrong :) I don't know of any such
> firmwares at the moment (I didn't search a lot, though). But that would
> sure be a great thing to have (and support).

What good would it do to replace the known-good firmware
of a hard drive with something home grown?  What's the


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