[LinuxBIOS] abuild and Config.lb

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Nov 21 18:38:44 CET 2006

breaking the thread.

* Richard Smith <smithbone at gmail.com> [061121 17:37]:
> 0x16000 is what abuild is using. It can probably be smaller.  In fact a
> good exercise for the reader is to find out how small it can be and
> still contain a FILO payload.
> Stefan:
> Why is abuild preferring to use its own custom Config.lb rather than the
>  Config.lb that is in the target directory?

Back when I started it, the custom Config.lb in the target directory
contained a lot of build specific stuff like 

payload ../../../../../../../somewhere/thisandthatpayload.elf

which I assumed people needed to build and use LinuxBIOS in their 

Also, these Config.lbs are all very different. Some are very verbose,
some are completely silent.

The idea was to create a config that is as simple as possible and the
same for all boards. 

Since this is not possible, I started out using Config-abuild.lb on
those boards that would not work with a "default configuration".

What I do nowadays is replace the path to the payload while building the
images (using /dev/null if no real payload is used). In the Config.lb
file you just see

payload PAYLOAD

Ideally we could put Config-abuild.lb files in place for every
mainboard. I could also make abuild automatically download payloads if 
no others are found in place, so it always builds with real payloads.

When I started building all qa.linuxbios.org images with real payloads,
half the boards broke, since they would not leave any room in the images
for a payload at all. To work around a mess I started using compression
in abuild every time a real payload is used. We should indeed make that
an option to abuild.


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