[LinuxBIOS] digitallogic/adl855pc will not link

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Nov 21 17:14:55 CET 2006

* Jon Dufresne <jon.dufresne at gmail.com> [061120 20:39]:
> /usr/bin/ld: section .reset [fffdfff0 -> fffdffff] overlaps section
> .rom [fffd632e -> fffe1d7f]
This looks like a linker bug in the Debian linker. Why is it putting
.reset at 0xfffdfff0 instead of 0xfffffff0 ?

> When I use abuild it says that it builds fine. Any idea why I can't
> get this to link using make?
Please compare the Config.lb generated by abuild with the one you are
using.. It's different configurations.

> Also, is the linuxbios.rom file in the abuild directory good? Or do
> you suspect that it has the same linking error I get when I use make.

Not unless you build it with a payload

svn co svn://linuxbios.org/repos/trunk/LinuxBIOSv2
cd LinuxBIOSv2/util/abuild
svn co svn://linuxbios.org/testsystem/LinuxBIOS-payloads
./abuild -t digitallogic/adl855pc -p `pwd`/LinuxBIOS-payloads

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