[LinuxBIOS] Which BIOS savior for Tyan S2895?

Daniel Drake ddrake at brontes3d.com
Mon Nov 20 15:46:04 CET 2006


I have a Tyan S2895 (K8WE) and before I zap another bios I'd like to get
a BIOS savior so that recovery is easier.

The BIOS chip on the motherboard is a SSC 49LF080A, 1mb in size. There
are no BIOS saviors suggested for this board because the largest ones
are only 0.5mb. This size is OK for me: I can fit LinuxBIOS in that and
keep the real BIOS on the original 1mb chip.

So, my only question is which model of BIOS savior I should get?


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