[LinuxBIOS] MSI RS482M – IL

Randall Philipson rtphilipson at cox.net
Fri Nov 17 17:03:47 CET 2006

I would like to develop LinuxBIOS support for the MSI RS482M – IL motherboard with the following

Sempron 3000+ (Rev E), 1.8GHz
512MB DDR1-400
 ATI RS482M + SB400 chipset

I haven't had any luck finding any datasheets for the ATI chipset, so I'm worried that this may be an uphill battle.  I have access to a programmer so I can program BIOS chips to my hearts content, don't have a POST card though, may need to look into that.  I don't have the board yet, it should be coming in within the next couple of weeks.

I guess what I'm asking is, based on the vast amount of experience in this group, is this a reasonably achievable goal.   I've been monitoring this list for a while and despite some fairly decent programming skills I have, LinuxBIOS has me somewhat stumped, so if I go this route there may be a lot of stupid questions hitting the list.

Thanks for any guidance,

Randy Philipson

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