[LinuxBIOS] SMSC FDC37B80x & FDC37M707 code

Corey Osgood corey_osgood at verizon.net
Mon Nov 13 04:35:40 CET 2006

Uwe Hermann wrote:
> In case you're waiting for my 440BX code here - that's not needed. The
> Super I/O stuff will work fine even before RAM init.
> Just use the current bitworks/ims code and replace the Super I/O stuff there
> for testing the serial console...
Err...the two boards I have with those superio's are the damn intels
with the tsops, so they need somewhat of a guarantee of booting (and
being able to be reflashed) before I can test them.

>> BTW, have there been any requests for Slot
>> A Athlon support, namely the AMD 751 northbridge and Via 686a
>> southbridge chips? I'm seriously considering working on all 3 of these,
> That would be great! We're happy about any patches you can provide :)
Alright, I'm already working on it. This southbridge has an integrated
Super I/O, should I be including the Super I/O code in with the
southbridge, or seperating them out? Or does it really matter? Seem to
me that the first way would be easier, but the second would make it
easier to debug, and in case there are other motherboards that use the
same southbridge but an off-chip super io (dunno if there are any). I
haven't looked yet to see how v1 does it. Anyways, let me know, I can do
it either way (currently still working on making sure the CPU works
right, these early athlons were a bit funky, from what I've read so far).


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