[LinuxBIOS] Support for IEI Nova4899R [1]

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Nov 11 01:20:11 CET 2006

* Luis Correia <lfcorreia at lfcorreia.dyndns.org> [061111 00:22]:
> The VSM code hooks up in lots of places. If I manage to get this
> going for my GX1 board, is is possible that it would break other
> configurations. And i'm not too confortable with it.
If you can just give it a try. 

> It seems that the VSA was made to work only for the OLPC gx2 powered
> mainboard.
Its part of the CPU specific code for the GX2, yes. The Geode LX cpu
code has support for it, too. Only Geode CPU where LinuxBIOS does not
know about VSA is the GX1.

> I will try to do my best with it :)

Good Luck. 

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