[LinuxBIOS] Via epia-m2 difficulties

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 22:40:04 CET 2006

Kurt Andre' Selbach wrote:

> The issue is the linuxbios.rom file is allready 256kb, Where would i
> change the size of this built "rom file" and what should i set it to:

Try this:

Snap your video bios image to 64KiB with dd

option ROM_SIZE=(256-64)*1024
option FALLBACK_SIZE=128*1024

romimage "fallback"
        option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE=1
        option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=33*1024
        option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0Fallback"
        payload /tmp/filo.elf

buildrom ./linuxbios.rom ROM_SIZE "fallback"

Richard A. Smith

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