[LinuxBIOS] #38: Improved spd.h

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Wed Nov 8 13:46:39 CET 2006

#38: Improved spd.h
    Reporter:  uwe                 |           Owner:  uwe           
        Type:  enhancement         |          Status:  assigned      
    Priority:  major               |       Milestone:  Cosmetic fixes
   Component:  code                |         Version:  v2            
  Resolution:                      |        Keywords:                
   Due_close:  MM/DD/YYYY          |   Include_gantt:  0             
Dependencies:                      |      Due_assign:  MM/DD/YYYY    
 Patchstatus:  patch needs review  |  
Comment (by uwe):

 OK, probably not a good idea. Looks ugly in Trac, and is broken in the
 notification email. I'll attach the patch the "normal" way in Trac now.
 This is yet another update which removes some stray UTF-8 characters. I
 also fixed a bug (wrong #define name) which caused a build breakage.

 Note: I changed some *_DRAM_* #defines to *_SDRAM_* for consistency. Is
 this ok, or was that really meant to be DRAM (not SDRAM) there?

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