[LinuxBIOS] #31: Do proper checking for flash erase for SST FWH parts

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Mon Nov 6 10:21:01 CET 2006

#31: Do proper checking for flash erase for SST FWH parts
    Reporter:  stepan              |           Owner:  stepan                      
        Type:  defect              |          Status:  assigned                    
    Priority:  minor               |       Milestone:  Enhance the flashrom utility
   Component:  flashrom            |         Version:  v2                          
  Resolution:                      |        Keywords:                              
   Due_close:  MM/DD/YYYY          |   Include_gantt:  0                           
Dependencies:                      |      Due_assign:  MM/DD/YYYY                  
 Patchstatus:  patch needs review  |  
Comment (by uwe):

 Replying to [comment:3 segher]:
 > Every patch needs review, unless it already got it, and then
 > it's either back to the drawing table, or that patch get's
 > checked in :-)

 Sure, but we need a state which tells us that there is a patch at all (not
 all tickets have a patch), and in which state it is (has it already been
 reviewed? does it need more work? is it ready to be comitted?) etc.

 This is mostly used for the shiny new "Patch Queue" I created yesterday:
 (or click View Tickets -> Patch Queue)

 That should make it easier to track which tickets have patches and in
 which state. Reviewers or people who want to commit patches which have
 been approved can simply work on the patch queue and make it smaller.

 > If total_size is indeed the size of flash that got erased,
 > it looks good to me.  But Stefan himself knows best, he
 > should just go ahead and apply the patch if no one complains
 > soon (like, wait for tomorrow morning or something like that).

 Add an Acked-by: if it looks good to you. One important part of the sign-
 off procedure is that we have sort of a group-review, i.e. at least one
 other developer has to review the patch and give it his/her ACK (the other
 important part is copyright and authorship tracking, of course).

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