[LinuxBIOS] Using trac

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 22:13:15 CET 2006

Stefan Reinauer wrote:

> The search function is not worse than searching the mailing list..

Its on organizational thing rather than a brute force search function thing.

>> Finding/implementing some sort of  trac<->mailing list gateway would be
>> ideal.
> Ok. So what should the gateway look like?
> I am pretty unreligious about which system to use, but we should stay
> with what we decided to use at least until we find a better solution or
> we just fix the solution we have. But this is only possible if there's a
> common sense about the requirements.
> As always: He who sends a working patch usually wins.

I don't claim to have solutions... It's a complex task.  I'll continue
to use trac until we get something worked out.

I'm just backing up Segher that dealing with patch review in Trac is not
as easy as looking at them on the mailing list.

One of the OLPC guys is a trac developer and maintainer of our trac
interface.  I'll try to buy him a beer when I'm up there next week and
see what his thoughts are on something like this.

Richard A. Smith

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