[LinuxBIOS] #20: Cleanup of all CHIP_NAME() entries

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Sun Nov 5 20:56:44 CET 2006

#20: Cleanup of all CHIP_NAME() entries
     Reporter:  uwe         |          Owner:  uwe           
         Type:  defect      |         Status:  closed        
     Priority:  minor       |      Milestone:  Cosmetic fixes
    Component:  code        |        Version:  v2            
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   Due_assign:  DD/MM/YYYY  |      Due_close:  DD/MM/YYYY    
Comment (by anonymous):

 > In my opinion we should go further and drop the CHIP_NAME macro
 > So instead of CHIP_NAME("Via VT8263") it should just read "Via VT8263"

 No, it would read   .name = "Via VT8263"  .  _Always_ use designated
 initialisers, that's what they're there for (well there are exceptions of
 course, but those are just that: exceptions).

 > The CHIP_NAME macro was invented at a time when we were really tight in
 rom space, but it is obviously the wrong approach.

 I don't see how a macro would help any in this regard?


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