[LinuxBIOS] #26: flashrom: Support for PIIX4/PIIX4E/PIIX4M

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Sun Nov 5 13:05:47 CET 2006

#26: flashrom: Support for PIIX4/PIIX4E/PIIX4M
     Reporter:  uwe          |          Owner:  uwe       
         Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  new       
     Priority:  major        |      Milestone:            
    Component:  flashrom     |        Version:  v2        
   Resolution:               |       Keywords:            
Include_gantt:  0            |   Dependencies:            
   Due_assign:  MM/DD/YYYY   |      Due_close:  MM/DD/YYYY
Changes (by stepan):

  * owner:  somebody => uwe


 It reads register 4e. Are you sure its not just the enable_flash_ich_4e()
 function that most other chipsets are using?

 Please remember: when testing this you need to test from cold start
 because flashrom does not reset the registers to their original state.

 Also, FFF80000-FFFDFFFF is not enough. You need to enable the range from
 FFFE0000-FFFFFFFF as well.

 Ignore the "Lower BIOS Enable" stuff. This is only required for 16bit
 operating systems and a really ugly mess.

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