[LinuxBIOS] Hello, I have a problem to put the linuxbios on my mainboard ms6163.

Li Haiqiang haiqiang2linux at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 11:34:42 CET 2006

My mainboard's northbridge is i440bx, southbridge is i82371eb, superio is w83977ef, cpu is pentium III 450MHz(slot 1).
I use the asus/p2b 's config file to build the linuxbios, but it stopped at debug code 0x12.
The last debug string is "Copying LinuxBIOS to ram.
                                 Jumping to LinuxBIOS.", then it stopped.
Can you help solve the problem?
I find the most files in the  asus/p2b are copied from via/epia??

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