[LinuxBIOS] Patch for vmlinux amd64 with mkelfImage

yhlu yinghailu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 05:33:56 CET 2006

more worse latest one put startup_32 to 0x200000.

and mkelfImage is harded code to call startup_32 or other entry_point
in bzImage at 0x100000.
        # Jump to the linux kernel
        ljmp    $ PROT_CODE_SEG , $ 0x100000

need to make head.S to get into 64bit and use real entry pointer by
vmlinux and bzImage in elf64 format.


yhlunb:/home/yhlu/xxx/xx/kernel/linux-2.6 # readelf -hl vmlinux
ELF Header:
  Magic:   7f 45 4c 46 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  Class:                             ELF64
  Data:                              2's complement, little endian
  Version:                           1 (current)
  OS/ABI:                            UNIX - System V
  ABI Version:                       0
  Type:                              EXEC (Executable file)
  Machine:                           Advanced Micro Devices X86-64
  Version:                           0x1
  Entry point address:               0x200100
  Start of program headers:          64 (bytes into file)
  Start of section headers:          7192496 (bytes into file)
  Flags:                             0x0
  Size of this header:               64 (bytes)
  Size of program headers:           56 (bytes)
  Number of program headers:         5
  Size of section headers:           64 (bytes)
  Number of section headers:         42
  Section header string table index: 39

Program Headers:
  Type           Offset             VirtAddr           PhysAddr
                 FileSiz            MemSiz              Flags  Align
  LOAD           0x0000000000100000 0xffffffff80200000 0x0000000000200000
                 0x000000000032f508 0x000000000032f508  R E    100000
  LOAD           0x0000000000430000 0xffffffff80530000 0x0000000000530000
                 0x0000000000148ec8 0x0000000000148ec8  RWE    100000
  LOAD           0x0000000000600000 0xffffffffff600000 0x0000000000679000
                 0x0000000000000c08 0x0000000000000c08  RWE    100000
  LOAD           0x000000000067a000 0xffffffff8067a000 0x000000000067a000
                 0x000000000005dd68 0x00000000000e91c8  RWE    100000
  NOTE           0x0000000000000000 0x0000000000000000 0x0000000000000000
                 0x0000000000000000 0x0000000000000000  R      8

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