[LinuxBIOS] Disabled device help

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Fri Nov 3 22:23:07 CET 2006

Get one infiband pci-e card, it should works with LinuxBIOS and kernel
with 4G above pref-mem.

I wonder if the recent pci_assign_unassigned_resources moving around in
kernel, broke sth.


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My large device gets disabled somewhere in LinuxBIOS or the kernel. This
the encouraging line from LinuxBIOS telling me that the registers are
set correctly.

PCI: 05:01.0 18 <- [8000000000 - bfffffffff] prefmem64

Unfortunately, Linux sees something different and fails to allocate this
region because it sees it at 00000080-000000bf and that conflicts with

Does anyone have a pointer to where I should look for this problem? Has
anyone else had problems with devices larger than 4GB?


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