[LinuxBIOS] Disabled device help

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Fri Nov 3 20:45:55 CET 2006

Boot log?

In LinuxBIOS, there is CONFIG_PCI_64BIT_PREF_MEM, did you try to enable
it in you MB Options.lb

In the kernel, there is pci_assign_unassigned_resources that try to
allocate resource for some devices, and it could cause problem because
Opteron could bave multi ht chain, Aka peer root bus, and every root bus
need to have its own ioport_resource, and iomem_resource. But that only
happen when BIOS is not allocating resource correctly. And LinuxBIOS
does a good job, and every device have be  handled properly.

In case, you have werid pci devices, you still can use pci_quirks in
kernel to do some fix up.


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My large device gets disabled somewhere in LinuxBIOS or the kernel. This
the encouraging line from LinuxBIOS telling me that the registers are
set correctly.

PCI: 05:01.0 18 <- [8000000000 - bfffffffff] prefmem64

Unfortunately, Linux sees something different and fails to allocate this
region because it sees it at 00000080-000000bf and that conflicts with

Does anyone have a pointer to where I should look for this problem? Has
anyone else had problems with devices larger than 4GB?


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