[LinuxBIOS] #17: clean up linuxbios table handling

Johan Rydberg jrydberg at gnu.org
Wed Nov 1 22:00:47 CET 2006

"LinuxBIOS" <svn at openbios.org> writes:

> #17: clean up linuxbios table handling
> ---------------------------+------------------------------------------------
>     Reporter:  stepan      |           Owner:  stepan    
> [...]
>  This patch does two things:
>  - it drops duplicate code for linuxbios table creation to be the same for
>  all
>  platforms while allowing platform dependent additions to the table.
>  - it adds a function to create the cmos checksum range table (which was
>  specified but not implemented before,   LB_TAG_OPTION_CHECKSUM)
>  I applied the part which creates the  LB_TAG_OPTION_CHECKSUM entry.
>  The rest of this patch needs to be redone.

I thought I comment on this a bit; ticket comments and descriptors in
Trac enjoy the same formatting rules as the wiki pages. Meaning, in
the above comment you could get a nice bullet-list by simply replacing
the dash with a star.  It is even possible to nest lists.  But that
would require you to write the whole item on one line, which may be a
bit frustrating from time to time (will there be a wiki-engine that
can handle manual line-breaks any time soon?).

(for reference; http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/WikiFormatting )

Since most of the communicating in respect to tickets and patches
should be done in the tracker from now on, I thought it was worth
commenting on.  If it wasn't, just ignore this mail.

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