[LinuxBIOS] #17: clean up linuxbios table handling

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Wed Nov 1 20:13:36 CET 2006

#17: clean up linuxbios table handling
    Reporter:  stepan      |           Owner:  stepan    
        Type:  task        |          Status:  new       
    Priority:  major       |       Milestone:            
   Component:  code        |         Version:  v2        
    Keywords:  lbtable     |   Include_gantt:  0         
Dependencies:              |      Due_assign:  DD/MM/YYYY
   Due_close:  DD/MM/YYYY  |  
 This patch does two things:

 - it drops duplicate code for linuxbios table creation to be the same for
 platforms while allowing platform dependent additions to the table.

 - it adds a function to create the cmos checksum range table (which was
 specified but not implemented before,   LB_TAG_OPTION_CHECKSUM)

 I applied the part which creates the  LB_TAG_OPTION_CHECKSUM entry.

 The rest of this patch needs to be redone.

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