[LinuxBIOS] [ANNOUNCE] LinuxBIOS bug and issue tracker

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Wed Nov 1 18:14:07 CET 2006

Dear LinuxBIOS community,

we've set up a new issue tracker based on Edgewall Software's fine
software "trac". Find it at http://tracker.linuxbios.org/

The tracker has the following features (amongst many others)

 * a timeline shows the latest work being done on the repository and
   on the issues/bugs.

 * a Roadmap that shows all current milestones, associated features and
   bugs, as well as the progress for each milestone.

 * A Source browser similar to viewvc, but much nicer looking.

 * management of bugs, features, addons for the different components of
   LinuxBIOS and its versions.

 * painting gantt charts on open features ;-)

 * Code tags, showing all occurences of "FIXME", "XXX" or "TODO" in the
   source tree.

 * triggers by svn commit messages:

All open tickets from the old tracker will be migrated soon as a further
public test of the issue tracker ;-) and to bring some stale news back
to mind 

You can add new tickets and also reply to tickets without logging in.
But for some features, such as changing ticket descriptions later on,
you need to log in using your svn account.

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