[LinuxBIOS] Etherboot (FILO) with SATA on tyan s2895

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at amd.com
Thu May 18 01:08:58 CEST 2006

You can not boot from CK804 sata directly with FILO in Etherboot.

The code only support Sata that can work on compatible IDE mode. 

You need to use other media ( network, CF IDE flash) to load kernel with
ck804 sata and kexec support, and use kexec to load final kernel in your
sata disk.


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Subject: [LinuxBIOS] Etherboot (FILO) with SATA on tyan s2895

I am booting linuxbios with etherboot and filo as the payload. I tried
follow the s2881 tutorial on the wiki.

Etherboot only finds my cd-rom. When I try to use hde:/ it tells me that
"Drive 4 does not exist". All drives up to j except hda (my cd-rom) give
same error message. Sometimes if I try hdg it hangs.

I saw README.filo_in_etherboot where it says it only works on SATA port
1 or
2. I've tried on SATA 0 port 0 and 1, SATA 1 port 2 and 3.

I also seem to need to boot the factory BIOS in between each attempt, or
won't get very far.

Is there something simple I've missed?



Etherboot 5.4.2
Drivers: TG3 FILO Images: NBI ELF
Protocols: DHCP TFTP
Relocating text ...
Scanning PCI: found 30 devices
Probing pci disk...
[FILO]FILO version 0.4.1
boot: hde3:/boot/vmlinuz... initrd=/boot/initrd...
IDE time out
No drive detected on IDE channel 2
boot: hdc:/ 
No drive detected on IDE channel 1

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