[LinuxBIOS] Another Geode GX1: status & questions

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Sat May 13 22:04:28 CEST 2006

> Questions/issues thus far:
> 1)  IRQ questions.  I got the error about copying the IRQ table, and I 
> know I can fix this by using an uncompressed image.  But that leaves me 
> with a few questions:

After enabling read/write/cache for BC_XMAP_2 and BC_XMAP_3 in 
gx_setup.inc under src/cpu/amd/model_gx1 the irq_table is copied and 
verified well.

You should set both to 0x33333333 or 0x77777777 to try this

> a)  Does using an uncompressed LB image preclude having a failsafe 
> image, due to uncompressed image size?  Not a problem for me, just curious.
> b)  How can I create an IRQ map for this system, or do I not worry about 
> it?  This machine was built to only run WinCE, so I can't take the stock 
> BIOS, boot Linux, and do any investigating.
> 2)  When initializing the IDE on the CS5530, LB reports "missing 
> enable_resources", even though a few lines prior, it looks like it 
> assigns the proper I/O range for IDE.  What does this mean?  (See 
> attached LB output.)

Sorry no answer for that :(

> 3)  I have several uses in mind for these boards, if I can get more of 
> them.  Some uses would involve using the audio and VGA, both of which I 
> know are problematic.  I think the VGA part I can do, but what about

Read the allwell stb3036 threads, I run in several problems to get the 
vga working :D

> audio?  Is "VSA" required to initialize the audio?  I guess what I'm 
> wondering is, what's the minimum LB has to do before Linux can see (and 
> use) the audio.  FWIW, this board has an NS LM4548 audio chip, which I

You should set first the audio device to "on" in the Config.lb under 

I have the same NS audio companion chip on my board, but not test this yet.

> assume is a support chip for the XpressAudio?  Or better, maybe DTRI 
> decided to scrap XpressAudio and this chip is standalone... that would 
> make me happy.  :-)

Sorry, but the datasheets says that the NS LM4548 is a companion for the 
internal cs5530 audio stuff. Therefor I think that thing is not 
standalone. However, Linux detects this devices as Kalhua Audio.
I will test it in the next days.


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