[LinuxBIOS] Another Geode GX1: status & questions

Jonathan Sturges jonathan at sprintmail.com
Sat May 13 16:59:26 CEST 2006

I'm new to LB, and after studying the list archives for the past week, 
I've started working on getting LB installed on yet another Geode GX1 
board.  This system is actually a MaxSpeed MaxTerm 230, an old thin 
client system that had been surplussed.  The board inside was 
manufactured by DTRI (www.dtresearch.com), and is model WBTG v1.1.  The 
WBTG has a 300Mhz GX1, 64MB of on-board DRAM, and 8MB of on-board 
flash.  It uses the CS5530 southbridge, an NS PC97317 SuperIO, and an NS 
83815 10/100 Ethernet.

Since the CPU, southbridge, and SuperIO are the same as the Eaglelion 
5bcm, I have started with that target.  And my initial LB image, 
complete with FILO, basically works!  At least, it passes the smoke test.

Questions/issues thus far:
1)  IRQ questions.  I got the error about copying the IRQ table, and I 
know I can fix this by using an uncompressed image.  But that leaves me 
with a few questions:
a)  Does using an uncompressed LB image preclude having a failsafe 
image, due to uncompressed image size?  Not a problem for me, just curious.
b)  How can I create an IRQ map for this system, or do I not worry about 
it?  This machine was built to only run WinCE, so I can't take the stock 
BIOS, boot Linux, and do any investigating.

2)  When initializing the IDE on the CS5530, LB reports "missing 
enable_resources", even though a few lines prior, it looks like it 
assigns the proper I/O range for IDE.  What does this mean?  (See 
attached LB output.)

3)  I have several uses in mind for these boards, if I can get more of 
them.  Some uses would involve using the audio and VGA, both of which I 
know are problematic.  I think the VGA part I can do, but what about 
audio?  Is "VSA" required to initialize the audio?  I guess what I'm 
wondering is, what's the minimum LB has to do before Linux can see (and 
use) the audio.  FWIW, this board has an NS LM4548 audio chip, which I 
assume is a support chip for the XpressAudio?  Or better, maybe DTRI 
decided to scrap XpressAudio and this chip is standalone... that would 
make me happy.  :-)

Thanks to everyone on the LB team, it's clear from the archives that you 
all are really dedicated.  And thanks to Hamish for the GX1 work in LBv2.


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